All manufacturing activities are under one roof.

PAN is a fast growing and successful global-oriented company which follows a CORE COMPETENCE strategy, accepting and executing projects where PAN has the necessary skill sets and resources to be successful. With multiple factories in Malaysia and Thailand and both available land for expansion and a plentiful labor supply, PAN is planning to grow annually > 15%. With an excellent and well-developed supporting Partner’s Group including FOXCONN, PAN’s ability to provide outstanding project support is outstanding, including very competitive pricing. PAN’s location in Malaysia and Thailand also provide some the lowest cost but educated labor supply in the world.

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Your Best Partner in ``Electronics Manufacturing Services``

Integrated One-Stop Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider

Our Strength and Capability

Raw wire and cable manufacturing
Cable assembly and wire harness
Mould and die fabrication
Plastic injection molding
LCD module assemny
PCBA by SMT and through hole AI
Flexible printed circuits assembly
Configuration, programming and testing
Clean room electronic product assembly
Prototype, sub-assembly and complete box build
Low volume high mix, medium volume production run
Packaging and logistic support
Regional distribution and after sales service and maintenance center